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The informaion is incomplete (as I got tired of writing it). It is also inadmissable in a court of law.

Tina 'Mama Doc' Wilford of Racine. One of the founding members of BrewHAHA - came up with team name. According to one, the name Mama Doc refers to her medical capabilities, and not the way she runs things with an iron fist. Talk to her, you decide! Once - many moons ago, found a way to get out of riding Ragbrai by breaking her foot. That was also the same summer that Pootdaddy met her - when she was hobbling around in the cast.

Bob 'Bobzilla' Wilford From Oskaloosa, IA. Provides the camper, beer, motivation, etc. for the team. Rides the only 'Bent on the team as well. First rule of team hierarchy - never say anything bad about the guy that gets the beer. Rule 2 - the beer guy's wife can - so the following space will be provided to her. Sue....

Sue 'Queen B' Wilford from Oskaloosa, IA. BrewHAHA co-founder and chief merchandiser. Had to miss riding 2000 because of some broken bones and got stuck in the camper with Dave N and Daylene. This year she will be riding a bike. Rumored to be friends with Racoons.

Dave 'PapaT' Taylor from Vernon Hills, Il. Going to ride some miles on the actual route this year. The inspirational leader, Dave was the first to admit to training on an actual bike. Leader of the pro-hyphen movement. Rode XXIX with a truss - to convince his broken bone in his shoulder that he could still ride.

Dave 'Mr. Huffy' Nissen from Cedar Falls, IA. Doesn't actually ride a Huffy - but is aspiring to. Somehow managed to find a way to go on the ride without sending his wife to China this time. Pro guy's butt pinching. Winner of the Party Harder award on XXIX

Jeff 'Mullah Scoop' Wilford from Racine. One of the co-founders of BrewHAHA. Anti-hyphen. Pro Smart-ass. Very big on alias's. Hopes to not be kidnapped someday.

George 'Herminator' Herman of Toeterville, IA. He only works in Stacyville. Team member for a number of years. Had to put up with the Wilfords for too long by himself and is pleased to welcome the new team members.

Darin 'D-Man' Grimm of Bondurant, IA Darren earned the Ernest Borgnine moniker because disaster always follows. Like crashing on gravel. Like crashing into some local kid on his bike. Like breaking the seatpost on his bike and being forced to ride standing up. Darren has done some good things too, arranging free shirtwear as well as free beer for the team at at a real Irish Bar! Darren, like Jeff is trying to make at least a couple of days this year. It proabably depends on his insurance.

Mike 'Turtle' Long He's slow - but he'll get there. Wrecked something in his leg on XXIX - looking forward to getting back on.

Mike 'PootDaddy' Taylor from Zion, Il. Rode first Ragbrai in 2000. Was only team member who was able to crash BEFORE the start while on the way to dip his tires. Also got a lesson in the all important skill of spoke-care.

Karen 'PootMomma' Adams-Taylor also from Zion, Il. Heard how much fun this allegedly is so is joining up along with 'The Poot' on XXX. As she is the webmasters's spouse - nothing more will be said ;)

Mishele 'The Forgotton One' DeGeest Currently residing in Omaha - ha , NE. Due to an oversight lasting over 6 months - Mishele was omitted from this roster. Humble apologies from us all. Now, of course, we will need the usual dirt to let the world know all about you!

Kam 'Kam-I-Am' Gupta Arlington Heights, Il. Pal and cohort of PapaT. Team driver and Part-time rider.

Daylene Ransom of Cedar Falls. Unfortunately will miss this years ride. She will miss seeing Dave N in the camper John. In her defense someone else opened the door - she just screamed real loud. Hmmmm.

Gene 'Chief' Murphy of Burlington, IA. All around team support person - forces team members to go along with him to the bars - so that we can make sure he gets home. Is it our fault he likes the crazy bars?

Guy 'Moo Goo Guy' Almon from Oskaloosa, IA. Left his wallet at a 'lemonade stand' or so he claims. I think is was some other estabishment and he wanted thirds. That would explain why PapaT was so anxious to help.

Mary 'MEP' Ellen Pothoven from Oskaloosa as well. Our kind of member - signed up for the big ride and THEN bought and then bought a bike. Doesn't like white. Did make some comment about Bobzilla's lei that she can explain come July. For now you can assume the worst. Hyphen status neutral.

Pam 'Lark' White from Oskaloosa, IA. What's a Prairie Larkspur you ask? some kinf of wildflower. Check out her picture on the photos from XXIX. Shes the one with the real flowers on her helmet (unlike PapaT's plastic rose)

Brian 'Ozzy' Nissen from Cedar Falls, IA. Traiterous bastard who left to start his own team (see homepage). Once started to eat a bat as a mid-ride powerbar. Said it tasted about the same.

Steve 'Waldo' Boesen Waldo because he always turns up missing. Lost from this team along with Ozzy as well - looking for greener pastures.

Mit Williams Someone I don't know from Somewhere I don't know that owns a car and is married. The 4-1 deadline is for you too.

Judy Williams The somebody who married Mit and will be driving their car.